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How to cut text on a front cover of a PC?

  You could find articles about computer modding, car tuning on the web. But I prefer articles about computer modding. In the article it is always written that it's the coolest modding ever made - making coolers with lighting, cutting a hole and decorating it. I was interested in such things. It’s rather beautiful and accurate.
But once I read an article which made me mad, this article was about modding competition and the winners were:
1-st place – a guy who upgraded his Creative live! soundcard to Audigy2 ZS level, he was awarded with SVEN HT-480 sound system.
2-d place – a man, who made speakers from old mouse—he set dynamics and soldered wires to an amplifier and to plugged it to USB. And he was awarded with MSI 925XE Neo Platinum and MSI RX700PRO - TD128E (cool motherboard and video card)!
3-d place - a man who made the wooden computer for his son. It looks great.  Hardware inside the computer is, of course, made of steel, but the entire wooden case was awarded with hard disk drive Cheetah 10K.7.
  And I thought that holes and lighted coolers or stylish case lighting is beautiful, but not cool. Even if there is an aquarium in a computer it's only an industrial piece but nothing else.
And I decided to make something brand new (of course somebody else has it, but it's not so popular). I decided to cut out my nickname on the front computer cover. My nickname is Danemon. I thought that it will look stylish and original. And I was proud to make it by myself. Here’s the instructions how to make it.
At first you should have a pattern or a stencil for cutting letters with it. The best way is to type it in Word and to print it. it would be better to make different fonts variants. Then choose the most beautiful fonts and then throw off the most difficult fonts with curved lines (like Palatino Monotype или Monotype Corsiva) which will be hard to cut. Then choose letter size (I decided to make text on 5” cover, its size - 4x15 centimeters). It would be easier to use graphics editor (I used Photo Express 2.0) with “letters size” and “space between letters" functions.
  I used Euclid Fraktur font (it’s the left one in the picture), without formatting (non-italics, non-bold type, non-scored out). There are seven letters in my nickname. I choose size and space between letters to position them on a small cover plate.

  Then you should choose few font variants and print them on a black-and-white printer and then cut each word with cover plate - one word on one piece of paper. Choose the best and the easiest variant and accurately stick it to cover plate with PVA glue. You could try silicate glue, but I hadn’t one. And you can wash off PVA glue with water. You'd better dilute glue to condition of “PVA 3% dilution", it can go wrong with thick glue.
After sticking the word to a cover, take a sharp knife (for example, medical scalpel) and cut the contours of each letter. You should cut letters not to the end of the line, but short to it - in that way there would be less cutting marks. But nevertheless the result will look great and such little things won’t be visible.
After you mark contours they can be poorly seen – only on reflection.  To correct this outline the contours with a pencil. Pencil line can be easily washed out and it won’t stay in slits.

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    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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