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Home-made radiator for hard disk.

    I decided to construct a home-made radiator for hard disk because of permanently humming hard disk cooler. I took the damned cooler down and determined to do modding with my own hands and not to buy it in a shop. The cost turned out to be very low while the quality of home-made radiator was quite acceptable.
    Components necessary for radiator:
1) Aluminium sheet of 2-6 mm thickness accordingly the hard disk size. (I can’t suggest where you can take such sheet; my friend gave it to me. You may try to buy it at construction or auto markets)
2) Aluminium angle bar of 2-3 mm thickness (fins of radiator). Buy it in any construction shop. It’s important that one surface is flat (not corrugated).
3) Aluminium angle bar of 1-2 mm thickness (for holders). The both surfaces of this angle bar must be flat, so be attentive when buying it.
4) Glue, dissolvent (acetone), thermal paste, vise, hammer, box cutter, emery-paper (all kinds, coarse and fine), aluminium wire or rivets.
Let’s start with the sheet; saw it according to the size of hard disk.

Then proceed to the angle bars; saw them according to the sheet size:

    It’s better to saw 2-3 angle bars at a time, they will be equal. Bevel the edges with a file not to scratch yourself. When sawing, vise the angle bars through gaskets not to damage the angles. Thicker angle bars (2-3 mm) are the fins, one of their sides must be flat. The flat side will be fixed to the sheet. The number of fins depends on the angle bar.

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