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Modding technology

How to make a printed circuit board.

   I saw lots of articles with schemes on modding sites and you can see printed circuit boards on the pictures from these articles. Usually authors recommend or use bread boards with lots of holes in it or boards made of fabric-based laminate, which is divided into squares with cutting of copper layer, to make no contact between squares. The first method with bread boards is too expensive, I don’t know how much does it cost, but it’s more expensive then fabric-based laminate and I don’t know the places where you can buy it. And it’s not to convenient for boards. These markers are usually low quality.


  The second method is not convenient because it takes too much time to make squares and to solder radio parts and wires to make connection between squares.
  The third method is the best to my opinion. You make a board by marking on a fabric-based laminate and then etch it.
For making a printed circuit board you’ll need:
- Fabric-based laminate
- A can of ferrichloride
- Nitrocellulose enamel or marker (a special one)
- A pencil
- A small PLASTIC container
- Soldering tools
- A saw for steel, arm-saw for cutting fiber-glass plastic.
  Firstly you need to buy materials for these experiments. Fabric-based laminate can be single-sided or double-sided, that is whether copper layer is only on one side or it’s on two sides. The type of fiber-based laminate depends from board type that you want to make.

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Modding technology
    My modded construction

My modded construction
Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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