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Mod "Line-Of-Light"

  At some moment I glanced at my table... Disassembled hardware, monitor, periphery, inconvenient subwoofer(loudspeaker), wires, remote control, external drive... and not counting everlasting wirings, diodes, papers and other computer related rubbish left after usual modding. Some new decision was required urgently. At least I needed the case. But... I did not want anything obsolete and already hackneyed by others. Therefore I proceeded to some rather strange and unknown yet - combining computer and sound buffer in one... in other words in the case. In order to clear the table efficiently there was made a decision to make a big case so unloved by me personally - BigTower.
In general on accessories and layout: 
  Subwoofer: model AWE T-45Е representing ostensibly system 2.1. Actually it is an amplifier, which extracts a low-frequency sound from incoming left and right channels for bass dynamics. Proprietary speakers have already been substituted long time ago for speakers from mini system HITACHI with much better audio quality, thanking not only to the increased number of speakers in three times per each speaker. It is necessary to add to negative sides the inconvenient layout of all controls: power switch is placed on the backside, speaker grid in the left side but all controls - in the right. In the front there is only a strip - indicator lamp of actuation and the dome. In general in order to switch on the sound and to adjust loudness it is necessary to do rather artful acrobatic exercises. However, for this total price it is excusable.
My present hardware consists of hard disk WD of 80 GB, motherboard ASUS of the format мАТХ on LGA775, 350W power unit Microlab. DVD-RW- drive, ASUS, writing almost everything, it is external, so existing CD-drive – is unnecessary thing in the case. Hard disk WD 80 GB is in mobile rack of unknown manufacturer.

   So, all of this should be removed in one high but narrow symmetric case. Subwoofer, as the heaviest component, will be placed at the bottom of the case, providing stability of construction. The scrap of old case, serving for fixing of motherboard and accessories, will be placed opposite - in the top of the case. The plate for motherboard is made with consideration for possible alterations of configuration, i.e. for ATX board with expansion boards. Power unit and large-size mobile rack will take place between sound buffer and boards. Multi-component control shall be assembled in one place, providing maximum convenience and ergonomics. That’s all so far - it is time to pass to modding, and a set of sketches in work place allowed to draw up a plan in the afternoon for evening works. It is said rightly – “a pencil is the best tool of modder” :).

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    IN WIN case completion

IN WIN case completion
Non-constructive thoughts about modding...

    All began when one day my neighbour, he is Automatic Control Engineer, came and started to beg me to give him one diode. When I asked him why, he typed modding in a search engine. And it had a great effect on me. I was sick about it. Maybe there is nothing accidental in the world and this modding seed fell into good soil. All my life I was interested in design.

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